What it could be like…


This is York Environmental Community Centre, opened in 2000, it demonstrates “sustainability in action”. The Centre generates its own electricity from wind turbine and photo-voltaic cells, it harvests rain water for purification into drinking water, and has many energy saving features that reduce the amount of CO² that leads to global warming. The Centre was built on a disused garbage site, it is used by the local community and a number of environmental education projects are based there. The registered charity that runs the Centre provide a free recycling and composting service for 5000 local people, they provide an education and volunteer service, advice on sustainable energy products, and in addition manage the 24 acre nature reserve…

So “If we can do this in York, England, why can’t we do it in Ramnagar, West Bengal, India?”


Left is part of the community woodland created on what was once was a garbage dump and was returned back to nature. You can find out more about this on


ramnagar eco centre and school

This is the proposed Ramnagar Eco Community Centre and School, which will be the 1st sustainable community centre in India, it will generate it’s own energy through photo-voltaics, it will use rainwater harvesting and use composting toilets.

This project is aimed at providing health, education and employmentopportunities in a climate change threatened area of the Sundarbans by creating a model environmental community centre that demonstrates and maximises sustainability in action. It  will also be used as a primary school and education centre

woman making saris

women supplement the family’s income by sewing saris, jlif will set up a fair trade handicraft unit, training women and widening the range of goods being produced, these goods could be exported, thereby raising income levels throughout the village